Hangable Sword Display

Introduction: Hangable Sword Display

This is a simple mount for military or other swords.

Step 1: Layout

Measure sword and/or sheath for exact dimensions. Keeping in mind the space and distance you want on either end and above and below for name plate or other decorations. I used poplar because or fewer knots and I like the wood grain. After cutting the length and board you like run it through the plainer until you have the thickness you want. Lay it flat on the bench and then using a square layout the sword and/or sheath onto the board and trace in place.

Step 2: Mounts

I took a piece of walnut and cut it down to 3" in width approximately 3/4" thick and ran the blade about an inch off center a 1/4 of the way through it making a beauty line. Cutting it in 4" sections I then placed them in position where I wanted them on the tracing. Tracing around those. I then used a barrel sander to sand away for the sheath to sit behind, in sort off a u clamp. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the square I traced to allow for a screw not to split the bottom board and ten lined up the mount onto it and screwed in through the bottom plate into the mount. On the top mounts I measured up to where I wanted the sword to sit off of the bottom plate and the width of the blade. I drilled out a slot for the sword to slide into. After insuring it would fit where I wanted it too, I placed it on top of the other mount and drilled through to match the other mount. I marked where I wanted the mounts and drilled holes for screws like the bottom mounts.

Step 3: Routing and Sanding

I feel like this is self explanatory. However I used a router to shape the edges of the bottom plate and sanded all surfaces smooth. After mounting hardware I checked it on the wall to make sure it fit the space I wanted on the wall and then stained the finished product.

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