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Introduction: Hanger / Soldering Hand From a Hanger..

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This is my entry for the unusual uses challenge, its very simple and i have actually used it couple years now.

Just a couple trouser hangers, and you have great "tool" for storing / hanging tools.

I store my pliers and files in this way, then i can easily find the one i need.

Bonus is that it doesn't take much room.

Also it works as a soldering helping hand when connecting wires together.

And the best thing is that you can set your tools for easy to reach place when fixing car, working on ladders... etc.

Step 1: 1..

Plug at the end of the hanger can be removed by twisting it to counterclockwise.

Then you can just pull the clips out.

Step 2: 2...

Install as many clips you like.

I have found six clips to be good in one hanger.

Its amazing how heavy things those clips can hold.

Step 3: 3...

To get a nice soldering helping hand just bend the hook 90 degrees with pliers.

And there you have it.

When i don't use this version for soldering i have used it for holding dremel bits or different grade sanding papers when working.

Simple "hack", but many uses.

As the firts picture shows, you can bend the unclipped hangers to hooks, and use them for storing things too.

( works also as a rotary tool or welding torch holder, storing cables and wires... )

Thanks for checking this out!

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    2 years ago

    I'm wondering if you could glue on a square magnet to each one to hold tools