Hanging Body Bag

Introduction: Hanging Body Bag

This is a tutorial about how to make a realistic looking hanging body bag that should look something like this.

This was/is a relatively cheap project because all of the material I already had:
2 by 1.5 Meters on cheap cloth (old curtains)
Paint or Blood

The tools I used were
1 X Needle
10 Pins
1 Paintbrush

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Step 1: Measuring Creating and Sewing

First things first you need to measure out the size of your body (or the size of the bag you want)
The height is the same as the dimensions you chose but the width needs to be doubled as it is folded over.

Then you need to sow it. I did the standard cross stitching and made sure I doubled over so it can handle the weight

Step 2: Adding Blood and Dirt

Ok as many of the will have realized you need to add dirt/wearandtear/blood

First I turned the bag the way round I want it when it is finished, then found some dry mud and rubbed the material into it. this makes it seem dirty.

When you paint it (make it bloody), you need to think how you want it to look. I wanted it to seem like the person inside the bad is dead and severely hurt. to get this effect, I turned my bag inside out and added the blood. I did this by putting it in random streaks and at one point painted my hand and stamped it on. When looking at it I realized the blood looked too neat so it turned the bag the correct way round with the pain in the inside and scrunched it up. This gave the blood more of a spread and made it look a bit more realistic.

Step 3: Making the Dummie for the Inside

I needed a quick fix so I made the dummy out of cardboard tubes and newspaper.

After testing this I have decided that I need to change the newspaper padding to foam because when I use it in the horror maze and people walk into it, it rustles ruining the effect.

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