Hanging Candle Holder Pumpkin

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Intro: Hanging Candle Holder Pumpkin

When I saw this candle holder at a yard sale, my immediate thought was it looked like a pumpkin so I brought it home & transformed it.

Step 1: Remove Metal Parts, Paint Those With the Oil Rubbed Bronze. Paint the Entire Glass Globe With Frosted Spray Paint


  • Frosted spray paint
  • Orange spray Paint
  • Oil rubbed bronze spray paint
  • Silk leaves
  • Fall-ish wired ribbon bow
  • hot glue gun/sticks
  • Painters tape

Step 2: With Painters Tape, Mask Off Pumpkin Features

Step 3: Paint the Entire Glass Globe With Orange Paint, Carefully Remove Painters Tape Before Paint Is Totally Dry

Step 4: Hot Glue Leaves & Bow to Top of Glass Globe Leaving the Center Portion Open to Allow Smoke to Escape From Holder. This Pumpkin Was Hung From a Free-standing Candle Holder.



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