Hanging Christmas Tree Lights Without a Ladder




Introduction: Hanging Christmas Tree Lights Without a Ladder

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Problem:  I want to hang my Christmas lights high up in my trees while minimizing the risk of orthopedic inuries.  I want to be able to take them down without ripping the branches or breaking the wires.

Solution: This is a simple jig made of two long broom poles duct taped together with two nails driven into the end to form a V.

Use: hook the nonplug end into the V and hang the lights in the tree.  When it is time to take them down use the hook to raise the lights off the branches instead of pulling them down.  

You get better control over the placement of the lights than the old "throw the lights over the top of the tree."  

When Christmas is over, take the duct tape off and you have a normal broom handle again.

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Step 1: Make the V-hook Part

I started with a broken broom handle.  First I sawed off a clean edge.  Then I drove two nails to make the V.

Step 2: Tape Two (or More) Broom Poles Together With Duct Tape.

Use about a foot overlap and wrap the duct tape tightly.  It does not wiggle.  You can see that the length of the jig is 9 feet 2 inches.  With my additional reach, the total comes to 196 inches or over 16 feet!

Step 3: Use the Jig to Hang Your Lights.

Easy peasy.  

Merry Christmas.

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Excellent. I made something similar using an old, broken tree pruner. Drilled a hole in the top and bolted on an opened up eye-bolt. Best part is, it is expandable from 7-14 feet, so I don't need to use an extra long pole for lower branches.

    Next year I may modify my 24' roof rake to tackle the big tree. Depends on how high I want my electric bill to be:)


    Reply 6 years ago

    Right on. I always assumed everyone did this until my neighbor said he'd never seen this and then some guy walking his dog said the same thing. I hoped this could be of use to the I'ble community.