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This short instructable shows how I tried to transform an ugly IKEA-like over-the-toilet furniture, into a something that my wife actually likes...

Step 1: How It Was Before...

Just to show how ugly that over-the-toilet cabinet was. Look on the right of the picture : It has legs, and no doors, so everybody who goes to the toilet can see our mess ;-)

Step 2: Mounting

So, I cut the legs, but unfortunately, I could not use them to make the doors. The low section of the legs was very damaged by humidity, and moreover the cabinet was too large, so that the doors would have close it properly.

To mount the cabinet to the wall, I used iron corners. But I wanted to hide them as much as possible... This mounting has been exploited for the top and the bottom. Since you take proper measures, and you check, double-check, it is not that difficult.

Step 3: Final Product With Defects...

And this is the final cabinet, transformed into a cupboard with doors. Now, our guests won't see our mess, since it is hidden behind the doors.

What still needs to be done is some finishing :
- white plastic to cover the side of the door, because the wood still appear.
- move the hinge a little to the back of the cupboard, because there is a big gap between the door and the side of the cupboard...



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

     Thanks for you comment. I do not live in this apartment anymore, but I hope the next occupant likes it too.


    12 years ago

    I was really hoping your instructable would explain how to properly hang a cabinet. Sadly, you haven't even provided as much information as you would get out of the instructions included with the new cabinet! I was hoping to hang a cabinet in my bathroom, but I'm looking for ways to make sure it's straight and well-anchored. It would be nice if you could update this with some steps explaining how to hang the cabinet.

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    I am not sure you get the point : I did not bought any new cabinet. I reuse the existing one, by transforming it. I just wanted to show how I put the iron corners.

    To put things straight, there is one tool : a Level !! Most of them have at least two bubbles, to check horizontality or verticality.

    To be sure it is well-anchored, you must check if the cabinet you are trying to hang up is designed for. Kitchen Units are designed so screws through the back of the cabinet will effectively hold. Here, the back is a thin wood plate that would never hold anything. I asked technicians in Home Depot : Their advise was to use their EZ anchor stuff, plastic screws to anchor in the wall, in which you put your classical iron screws. This is the easiest way. Otherwise, if you want a very strong anchor, you might look for the stoods into the wall, and exploit them. As this is something I do not master at all, I wont post something like that.

    I'll try to add my procedure on how I put the screws...