Hanging Dog Bowl From a Plastic Jug




I invented something at the dog park the other day.
Our dog park was designed by someone that doesn't use them, and maybe doesn't even have a dog. Probably a cat person. Not that that's bad but they shouldn't be put in charge of the dog park.
I have a big orange backpack that I cart a gallon of water and a water bucket in when we go since there are no water dishes and no water source.
Anyway, I designed a water dish that hangs on the fence out of a gallon milk jug that I can leave at the park for everyone to use.
To make one you will need:
a plastic gallon jug
a pair of scissors

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Step 1: Cut Away the Front and Sides to Make the Bowl

First, cut a big hole in the front with a pair of scissors,at least half way down, all the way up to the spout and out through most of the sides so the dogs can get their big heads in there.
I think I will cut the next one so it dips down a little more in the front. It hangs at an angle so the water level is lower in the front than in the back. That will leave more room for the bigger dog's heads and keep the front edge from digging into their necks without cutting down much on the volume of water.
This one works fine though.

Step 2: Slice the Handle to Make a Secure Hanger

Slice the handle 1/2 the way down. Don't cut a piece of the handle off, just slice through it and pull the pieces away from each other to slip it onto the fence. It will usually keep the dish from being knocked off. You can't see the slice in the photo but it's there and you can see the handle is left whole, it really makes a difference in keeping the bowl on the fence.
I've started carring a cheap pair of scissors in my pack so I can cut the jugs that people throw away into bowls. It just takes a few minutes and they can be hung at different heights for different sized dogs.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I think it would work great as a chicken feed bowl.

    could also put on next to it with empty poop bags (and hope no-one replaces them with full ones!)

    Could also, grow hanging plants in them and put them on an ugly chainlink fence.

    Or maybe bird houses?

    I think I'll go lie down now!

    1 reply

    I love the hanging plants idea... bird houses is great one... or putting water in them for the birds to drink out of... how clever ... 2 Paws to you from dog lover here...


    8 years ago on Step 2

    This is WONDERFUL!! I take water to the dog park all the time too. We have bowls all ovr the park, but sooner or later a dog either sticks a muddy paw in it or knocks it over. This would eliminate both. Thanks, these willbe making an appearance out our local park ASAP.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    maybe you should cut the front more, (im just saying) because it looks a little too high, but still, really cool instructable!

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, thanks for all the nice comments! GorillazMiko - It definitely helps to cut the front down more. I'll try to find my camera and get a new pic. FreshPineScent - Are you thinking of hanging it from a tree? You could run a rope through the pour spout and tie a big knot so it wouldn't pull back through, shove a big stick or a rolled up newspaper through the handle to keep it from rocking too much (skip the handle slicing step) and hang it so it sits against the trunk. Not a great design but probably better than nothing. I think if I wanted one to freely hang I'd get one of those big, plastic pots that hanging plants come in, extend the hanging part so it hung at the required level, tie or wire a weight to the bottom using the drainage holes. Maybe a can or a soda bottle full of rocks. Line the pot with a heavy plastic bag. It would be a lot more work and probably not worth it if the parks people throw everything away like they do at our park. Anyway, I haven't tried those ideas out, but that's what comes to mind for me. Maybe somebody else has an idea?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah good one but in London the kids will put something in to the container to spoil it for all.... They don't have better things to do here!!!!!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    this is great, my dog hates/confused by drinking from anything poured! (like a bottle)


    yeah our dog park has these water fountians with built in bowls, but this is a really good idea and great recycling!