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What happen to the broken handles of your garden tools? Left in the corner of the tool shed I suppose?

Here's an instructable to upcycle that handles.

The reason I did this instructable was there are a few broken handle laying around because I did not want to throw away and my orchids need a new place.

Step 1: Items

  1. Broken garden tool's handle
  2. Nylon string
  3. Stapler gun
  4. Orchids

Step 2: The String

  1. Firstly, I wrap wood's end with the nylon string and tie it firmly.
  2. Then, I secure the string with a couple of staplers.

Step 3: The Orchid

  1. I wrap the string spirally around the length of the wood.
  2. Meanwhile, I insert the orchids between the string and the wood along the way.
  3. Lastly, I wrap and tie the string at the metal handle.

Step 4: The Hanging

I find a nice spot to hang the handle planter. In time, the roots of the orchid will wrap around the wood. In the future, when the scions merge, the handle will lush with orchid blooming with flowers.


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