Hanging Herb Baskets

Introduction: Hanging Herb Baskets

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We have small windows at our balcony.

I wanted to grow my own herbs, so i made some hanging baskets so that i could use that room in those small windows.

I used left over acryl and polycarbonate, clay pots wich i painted, some yarn and wooden pearls.

I tought that result could be little lighter looking if the frame is transparent.

Step 1: Frames..

I measured the diamenter from the clay pots that i had.

Drilled the holes for hanging, and then cut the pieces out with scrollsaw, jigsaw works too.

Step 2: Polishing

Acryl that i had was extruded, it needs little more sanding to get nice finish. It melts easier when sawed, so, if possible, use cast acryl instead.

Sawing extruded acryl should be done slower and avoiding extra friction. I cut little pieces of wood to clean the blade from the melt acryl after i had cut one section. If the blade starts to stuck, don't stop. Try to cut it out from the side. If you stop blade stucks to the melt acryl and its really hard to remove.

So, extruded acryl can be cut, but its sometimes little trickier.

I sanded the edges with 400 grit paper, then polished it with felt disk and dremel polishing compound.

Step 3: Hanging..

I used yarn to hang the clay pots.

I bent thread from the middle. Twisted them tightly together, then bend it again and released the other end. Yarns twists together, and you get one thicker "rope" wich looks little nicer than single thread.

Made a simple tassels to the ends of the threads, and placed wooden pearls. Pearls carries the weight much better than single knots, and also looks little nicer.

I tied the ropes together trying to hide the knots under the wooden pearls.

Simple, looks light and works if you have limited space.

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