Hanging Liquor Bottle Candle Lamp




Introduction: Hanging Liquor Bottle Candle Lamp

You might have seen something like this at craft stores or flea markets but heres how to make one for yourself.


Wine/Liquor/Beer Bottle

A Tea Candle

Coat hanger or wire


Electrical Tape

Step 1: Get Started

So you want to finish off the liquid in your bottle of choice and then recover from the hangover after you are done. 

After that cut the bottom base of your bottle off. There are many ways to do this just search on Instructables.com or watch the video below:

skip to about 5 minuets in and he'll show you how to do it.

Step 2: Bending and Connecting Wire to Candle

Now get 2 pieces of fairly thin wire (easy to bend) about 2 inches longer than the bottle and bend about 1/2 inch of the tip at a 90 degree angle.

Then take the Tea Candle and put the wire on opposite sides of each other with the bend under the candle and wrap some electrical tape around it a few times.

Step 3: Everything Together Now

Now that you have all of your pieces ready grab the two ends of wire and bring them together. Push them through the neck of the bottle and twist them carefully around each other a few times leaving at least two inches still straight.

Put a few washers on it like in the picture to stop the candle holding wires from falling out of the neck.

Bend one end down and stick it back in the neck of the bottle and then make a hook end out of the other end. Then you have it!

Just pull the bottle up while holding on the wires to light your candle. 

Step 4: Taa Daa!

You can do this with basically any bottle as long as you have a way to cut it.



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    12 Discussions

    very nice. and a great way to recycle old bottles!!

    You did great!!

    Don't let the others get you down....there will always be those who claim to have a better product...and to that, you just look at them & say "...ain't that nice. :)"

    IF, if you use a copper end cap for copper plumbing pipe, you could maybe solder the wire to the end cap making it safer & stronger.

    Again, just a thought, not trying to tell you what to do.

    Another thing you cad do is buy a glass cutting drill bit, & add small holes to the sides of the bottle, then insert a coat hanger or something like that into the holes you drill. This would make hanging the bottle much safer

    Or maybe several holes so you can adjust for different sizes of candles...

    Just a thought.

    Jeesh, that hanger method leaves something to be desired. We do a much more professional job with ours at Green Illuminations.

    1 reply

    just because yours is different, Please be respectful of other people's hard work...maybe he/she did not think of using anything else at the time this Instructable was made...

    maybe he/she did not have the $$ to buy the stuff you used...
    maybe the materials used was all that he/she had available to them at the time...

    Please be respectful is all I'm asking...

    We could do with a few more details here, like, how you cut the bottom off your bottle in step 1.

    2 replies

    HI kiteman, check out the embedded video. I have found thhere stuff pretty lukewarm in reference to what they put on the web, but this is quite precise I must buy a bottle cutter just to try this technique out. The last good edge I did on a bottle I did with big brother tile cutting wet saw. Freaking could cut off a keft with that machine, no worries to the bottle. This seems much better. no huge mess, no set up really Kudo's to this Intructable and people who did the embedded video. It was pretty informative actually. And I have tried all the methods they showed in the video with all the same results. My bttle cutter actually used a simple candle to heta the glass and right over the score only . That made the best results by far. (well except for the wet saw, no contest there) It got boring and I gave it away :-( wish I had kept it though cause now with all the blue glass bottles around you can make cool things with the empties.

    I apologize for that something happened to the details. I'll put them back up as soon as I can.

    Great job! I have one of the cutters and have tapped the bottles, with mixed results. Very good video on "how-to." Thanks!

    I love this video I have used this method and it really works thanx!!!!!