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Introduction: Hanging Lucky Stars

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This DIY is great for people who love stars! You can use this to decorate gifts, your room, ...and your trash can if it looks like s***

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The number/size of the stars is up to you! The more stars, the longer the string xD

  • 1 sewing needle
  • 1 piece of string (1.5 ft long) The thickest you can find that will fit through your needle
  • 10 long strips of paper (mine measured 3/4 in. by 12 in.) I used cardstock paper, but regular A4 paper will work as well. Just reduce the measurement to 1/2 in. by 11.5 in.
  • Scissors
  • Liquid glue/hot glue (if needed)

Step 2: Making Your Stars

Time to make the lucky stars!!!

The first step is to tie a knot with one strip of paper~ First, take one end of the paper and fold it diagonally downwards to the right. What you want to do is make a pentagon shape with five equal sides. Then fold it up behind the strip and down through the opening (just like tying a knot :D).

Step 3: Forming the Star

Now take the long end of the paper (not the end where you just tied a knot!) and fold it down so that it's touching the two corners, forming a pentagon shape.

Step 4: Keep Wrapping Lol

Continuing wrapping around the pentagon.

Step 5: Ending the Star

As you get towards the end (the strip is a bit shorter than the star), cut the strip diagonally to make a triangular point. This makes it easier to tuck the end into the pocket.

Step 6: Shaping the Star

Yas, we're almost there! This is the most important step because pinch it wrong, and boom, your star is ruined. jkjkjk. Pop up the star by pinching half of a side with your nails. The trick to making the perfect shape is nOT pressing the corners with your fingers. Do that, and you'll get some curvy-sided stars (it's totally up to you though). Pinch the other sides in until you get a nice star shape.

Step 7: Stringing the Stars

After you've made some more, it's time to string them all together! I used some rice tamale string I found in the kitchen and cut off 1.5 ft (I'm cheap af I know). String it through the sewing needle. Now, poke through one corner of the star and pull the needle out through the bottom. Position the star where you want it on the string (preferable at the top end so you can position the other stars).

Step 8: Finishing

String the rest of the stars. Add a bit of glue at the hole of the star (aish idk how else to say it) if they don't stay put. If you like, tie a knot at one end of the string and cut the excess string off. And you're done! Or uh, wait till the glue dries, and you're done! Hang it up on the ceiling, the wall, wrap it around stuff, etc. This DIY is based on hanging 1,000 paper cranes!

Thank you for reading this tutorial! Love you guys~ xoxo Yuzuki

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    Great crafts project. I have used these to decorate mini Christmas trees and to works really well.