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Introduction: Hanging Open-close Lamp

Hi everyone!

this is my first instructable i am creating. I make this instructable for a school project i have chosen. I am excited to do so let's get started! In this instructable i let you see how you make a awesome detachable hang lamp!

Before I was able to make the lamp i have to make i had a list of the do's and don'ts of the lamp. the list have i made with the MoSCow methode.

Must haves:
- the source of light have to exist of diferent 3 materials
- the source of light has to be detachable.
- The source of light have to be build with 3 machines wich a lasercutter.
- The source of light has to have a movable part.

Should haves:
- a nice light pattern if the lamp is shining.
- If the source of light hangs

Could haves:
- there has to be so little as possible material waste.
- if the lamp is modular.

Won't haves:
- to easy

I also let you see what for steps i have made to can make the official one.

First i have made many sketches you see them by the pictures.

Prototype 1:
i have made a prototype of cardboard you can see them by the picture.

Prototype 2:
This is the first prototype of wood. it is the same as the first but a little smaller. I come here to a problem. You can't slide them together. because the wood is stiffer than the cardboard and it was designed as the form of a piramide but that was also not able to do with this connection. the light effect is cool so it was not for nothing.

Prototype 3:
This one was to look of this type of connection was working but i had make the wrong template so it was to small.

Prototype 4:
the connection works so i picked this connection.

Prototype 5:
This was actually the templates of the official one but they where wrong so i have used them as a prototype to look of you can easy do some copperwire threw the gate that was lasercut and if it stays well.

Tip: if you want to draw a solidworks design into a illustrator file. Make a dwg of you solidworks file and take than that lines over in your ilusstrator file. So are you sure that the measure is good.

Step 1: Step 1: Needs

This is a list of everything you need to build this awesome lamp!

  • lasercutter
  • 3d printer
  • filament for the 3d printer
  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • 2x 3 mm thick wooden panel (700x300 mm) (pick wood dat easy is to lasercut)
  • 3mm thick perspex (the collor you like, i have picked different collors because that gave a cool light effect)
  • something you can measure (tapeline, ruler, etc)
  • electricity cord
  • fiitting
  • plug
  • lamp
  • cable stripper
  • small flat screwdriver (to connect the fitting and the plug with the electricity cord)
  • cross-head screwdriver
  • stanley knife
  • glue gun
  • 4 little pulleys ( diameter 1cm)
  • 2 hole mounting strap
  • electricity cable 6 square around 1 meter, stripped off but the isolation material and the copper has to be intact , the copper inside don't trew it away
  • 4 m rope with a diameter 1 mm
  • pull relief
  • front wire guide
  • bolt
  • lighter

Step 2: Step 2

Now you are going to build the lamp.

with the illustrator templates you can laser cut the lamp shades.

to lasercut you have to look good at the settings of your lasercutter.

If the settings are right you can lasercut it.

the triangles that comes out the lasercutter can be trash but you can also make something else awesomes like coasters, let go your imagination!

if the lamp shades are ready you can go to the next step!

Step 3: Lasercut the Plastic Triangles

To lasercut the triangles of perplex you can pick the dxf file and make a illustrator template of it.

i don't now how many triangles it are exactly, but a lot!

this triangles you can glue in the lamp shades but you also can wait until you have the whole lamp to assembly.

if that is done you can go to the next step.

Step 4: 3d Print the Puller

this is a stl template so you can 3d print the puller.

it's by 3d printing important that before you are going to print your puller that you extrude something of your filament so you are sure that there is no more old filament in the 3d printer and your filament stays good in the 3d printer.

Step 5: Make the Hanging System

first you have to lasercut the perspex. this is simple because you pick the template and lasercut.
the only thing you need to check is the measure of the circle in the middle is the same measure as the measure of your wire nozzle.

take the fitting, electricity cord, the pullrelief, soldering iron, solder, bolt and the plug, wire nozzle

you start with stripping the electricity cord at both sides. if that is done you can solder the copper wires of the electricity cord with some solder. you do this by making the copper very hot and then you let the solder flow between. this step is important so your lamp stays good connected. there are different plugs wich there also are several ways to connect. mostly the way you has to connect it, stays on the package.

you putt the pull rellief over the wire nozzle and screw the pull rellief on it. than you put the perspex about the wire nozzle and you lock it with the bolt like the picture.

now you can shove the pull relief, the wire nozzle, the perspex on the right high and you can almost to the next step.

now you have to putt the other pull relief and wire nozzle about the other wire nozzle and. than you can shove this about the electricity cable.

because there are also diffrent fittings you have to look how you can the deposit unlock. if that is done you can connect the fitting with the electricity cord. caution by the lock screw of the fitting you have to screw this on because otherwise if you replace the lamp the fitting comes down either. you can see in the picture wich lock screw i mean.

if that is done you only have to turn the nozzle wire in the fitting and lock the pull relief good and the hanging system is ready.

if its not clear look at the pictures, after that not clear, ask me in a comment!

Step 6: Make the Panels Good

now you can make the panels right.

take the pulleys the perspex triangles the isolation material of the electricity cable, the hole mounting strap

cut the hole mounting strap in two pieces and bend it like the picture.

cut the electricity cable on the right size. you have to measure this size this is a little bit finicking work, and glue it on the panel like the picture.

glue the pulleys on the panel with the spurs, as you van see on the pictures.

as last thing you have to glue the perspex triangles into the wooden panels with one second glue. In the top shades there must be a gate left open because there you put the hanging system in.

if this is not clear ask me!

Step 7: Assembling the Lamp

first you make of the copper wire that off your electricity cable came 24 small pieces of 1,5 cm to secure the lamp.

than you can take every panel to each other and and make the lamp like the picture.

if you have make of 8 pieces 2, you can pull the hanging system into the lamp and stop the stud in the left open holes of the upsite of the as you see in the picture.

than yo pull the wires threw the isolation material and the pulleys and tie the wire at the little hooks and your lamp is ready

oh wait you have to turn the lamp in the fitting and then your lamp is ready to use.

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    That's a really cool design :)