Hanging Picture Frame




Introduction: Hanging Picture Frame

This hanging picture frame can hang on the wall and can only support 4 by 6 pictures.If you worry about having your pictures bent don't worry, they bend right back into shape (unless your pictures don't, otherwise don't build this).


For ONLY the Main Frame:

80 white rods

20 yellow rods

20 orange connectors

16 red connectors

40 yellow connectors

4 white connectors

With the Handle:

7 green rods

80 white rods

21 orange connectors

20 red connectors

40 yellow connectors.

5 white connectors

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Step 1: Bottom

This is the bottom 4 frames on the picture frame.

Step 2: Middle

These are the 4 middle frames on the picture frame.

Step 3: Top

These are the top 4 frames on the picture frame.

Step 4: Assembly

This is putting the bottom, middle, and top together. If you don't want the handle you are done.

Step 5: Handle (Optional)

If you add the handle it gives extra balance if you hang it from the top right corner of the handle.

Step 6: Finished!

You now have a picture frame that you can hang on the wall and put pictures in. Hooray!

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    2 Discussions


    Question 23 days ago

    Could you post a picture of this with pictures in the frames? I am having trouble visualizing how it looks with the photos in there. Thank you!


    Answer 23 days ago

    I can, but it will be the backs of the pictures. Not the fronts of the pictures.