Hanging Planter for 3D Printer


Ever wanted a hanging planter but didn't want to buy one from the store? All you need is a 3D printer and a free online 3D design program. This instructable will show you how to make a great hanging planter. Once you finish the planter all you need to do is fill it with dirt and plant a few plants in it.

Step 1: Beginning

First go to Tinkercad.com. There you will need to create an account. Once you create one, start a new design. Start the planter by putting a hollow cube on the plane that is 60x60x60. Next, put a hollow sphere on the plane that is 61 tall, 50 wide, and 50 long. Then center both of them on the plane.

Step 2: Progress...

Next put a workplane a vertical edge of the cube. Put a cylinder on the plane that is 11 in diameter and 20 in height. Then put a workplane on the top of the cube and move the cylinder in until it is just barely protruding out of the cube. Do the same thing on all four sides of the cube. Now make the cube solid and group all of the shapes together.

Step 3: Progress...

Next put four hollow cylinders that are 20 in diameter and and 61 tall on the plane. Then center them with the four edges of the cube and group all of the shapes.

Step 4: Progress...

Put a workplane on the top of the cube and place a hollow half-sphere that is 20 in diameter and 10 tall on the cube. Next put a workplane on the side of the cube and lower the half-sphere until the hole in the top of the cube is the size you want and group the half-sphere with the cube.

Step 5: Almost Done...

Finally, using a workplane on the side of the cube, put two torus' that are 12 in diameter and 1.35 wide. Then line them up with top of the cube and the edge of the cube before is goes into the curve. Lastly center the torus' with the cube and make the cube and torus' whatever color you want.

Step 6: Done!

This planter has five holes for plants and is ideal for vining plants on the sides and almost any plant on the top. Fill it with dirt and plant what you want, and now you have a hanging planter to hang wherever you want.



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