Hanging Pot Rack

I've wanted a hanging pot rack for some time and saw one at a friends house a year or so ago that I really liked. It was made of steel hanging from some chains, so I did an inventory of tools and materials, and found I had most of what I needed at hand.

Step 1: Materials

what I used was old bed rails that I got from the local freecycle community (check them out at freecycle.org). and some 3/16 rod from the local steelyard some number 2 straight link chain and some J hooks from the hardware store. for tools I have a small wire feed welder received as a christmas gift a few years ago and dewalt angle grinder purchased at the pawn shop along with the usual measuring and marking tools.

Step 2: Measure and Cut

measure twice and cut once, good rule to live by. my bed rails were 3in shy of 72 and I wanted my pot rack 18in by 3ft so I had to cut and weld a 3in piece to get 2 three foot pieces.... or so I thought I could have saved a little time and material (grinder disc and welding wire) by just cutting a 3ft and 18in piece from each bed rail. Oh well better luck next time.

Step 3: Welding

OK I'm no welder, I'm much better with a grinder than a welder but sometimes I do an ok job but most all of my welds get turn with the grinder so as long as I get good penetration I can clean it up

Step 4: Paint and Hang

I used rustoleum multicolor textured paint to give it a nice dark gray color and texture to hide my rough work. overall I'm happy with the result and I've got my first project of the year done.
I started on the second and finished and hung on the third day of 2009.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I saw your post and my first thought was reusing old (especially woodern) windows as the hanger frame. Sand them down a little prime it up and hang away. Might have to rebrace it a small amount but I think that is my next project!!!

    Thanks!!! Good JOB!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I did a search for "hanging pot rack" and this is precisely what I had in mind. From the angle iron, to the rods, to the S hooks and chain. I even have a wire-feed welder I got for Christmas that I've never used and those exact same right angle magnets from Harbor Freight. You could have named this "Here's your hanging pot rack Nolte" but it might have been confusing to other people. I do have one question, did you have to do anything to get the rods to lay nice? It would seem the rods laying on top of other rods would be raised off the angle iron a bit.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    No just hold them down and weld. There's just enough tension to keep everything tight and no need to weld at all the cross points unless you want to. have fun and post a pic Jon


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Perfect! I was just about to post one just like this! I got my rack from Linen's & Things for $5.00 and bought the rest of the supplies at Lowes. Total cost under $20! Great work!