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Introduction: Hanging Pot Rack

Faced with too many pots, pans and kitchen gadgets, I looked for a way to organize it all. Kitchen stores sell hanging pot racks, but for hundreds of dollars, and with very little space. A simple garden trellis provides the same functions, but for less than $15

Step 1: Assemble Materials

Garden trellis: these are available at home improvement and garden stores. The ones I used were 36" on a side, made from 1x1 strips. They had 2 longer strips in the center for driving into the ground; cut these off.

S-hooks: get lots. The ones I use are made of 1/8" steel. Take your trellis to the hook department and make sure that they are the right size to fit over the trellis slats. They might need just a little bending

Mounting screws: Long enough to go through 3/4" strip and 1/2" drywall... 2" are a good choice. Also may want some drywall screws to add extra stabilizing support for parts that aren't over studs.

Sandpaper: Straight from the store, this wood is pretty rough. I gave it a quick touch with 160 grit to take off the splinters. You could finish or paint it if you like

Tools: Drill, stud-finder, screwdriver, saw, vice-grips or other sturdy pliers

Step 2: Locate and Hang

Use a stud finder to locate stud to hang pot rack from. It's going to be holding a lot of weight, so at least one bar should go into a stud. I also put a couple of drywall screws into other bars to stabilize it.

Drill pilot holes into the stud and pre-drill the holes in the trellis, otherwise you'll split the thin strips.

Attach the vertical bars to the wall. This will leave the horizontal bars 3/4" of an inch away from the wall so you can slip the hooks over.

Step 3: Prepare Hooks

The S-hooks that were available at my store were too closed to fit over the trellis slats. Grab them in 2 pairs of sturdy pliers (or use a vice) and bend one side out a smidge so they fit over the bars. Don't open them too much, though, or they will rotate off the bar.

Step 4: Hang Stuff!

Fitting everything on the rack is sort of like a puzzle. Fit in the big pots, then find room for all the other kitchen gadgets that have holes through them. Pot lids, hot-mits, measuring cups. Go back to the store for more hooks when you run out.

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey thanks for the inspiration! Here's a picture of mine!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    A trellis! What a concept!  I love it.  Then again, I don't have much wall space in my kitchen, either!  Oh, well.  I HAVE been threatening to hang stuff from the ceiling; I guess now's the time.  Thanks for the great idea!


    13 years ago

    I am always trying to be organized and this is very clever thanks.


    14 years ago

    very nice, I have something similar but just two lengths of wood fixed to the wall, not as nice as this. This is a great way to free up storage space in cramped kitchens and make use of otherwise 'dead' space.