Hanging Spider Webs




Introduction: Hanging Spider Webs

I am a conceptual artist, and my DIY projects are mostly inspired by pop culture (movies, music, ...

Spin you way into making some really awesome spider webs to hang up for Halloween!

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you will need to make these awesome webs:

  • popsicle sticks
  • yarn
  • small plastic spiders
  • hot glue gun
  • paints
  • paint brush
  • scissors (not shown)

Step 2: Make Snowflake Shapes

First, grab three popsicle sticks and glue them on top of each other to make a snowflake type shape. From that point, you should start to see spokes that you will be wrapping the yarn around.

Step 3: Paint the Shapes

Next, paint the shapes in fun Halloween colors. I made 6 of these shapes, so I painted half of them orange and half of them black.

Step 4: Add Yarn

Cut off a piece of yarn, and wrap it around the spokes. To do this, start by tying the yarn to the closest part of the bottom of one spoke. Then, wrap the yarn one time on each spoke, until you reached the top part of the spoke.

Step 5: Add a Spider

After that, add a dab of hot glue and throw in a cute little spider on top.

Step 6: Hang Them Up

Now, you can hang up the webs with tape to a window and enjoy! They're fun Halloween decorations that you can make for no more than $5 each.



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