Hanging Stars



Introduction: Hanging Stars

About: I got hooked on pallet wood 2 years ago.Just find it very relaxing to make stuff in my woodshop.

Something fun to make on a rainy weekend.Keeping with the rwb. thing.

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Step 1: Hanging Stars

First things first.If you are not familiar with your power tools please dont build this.It puts your fingers very close to the blade on the miter saw.I made a jig for the 18 degree to keep fingers clear.The 36 degree I just held in place for the cuts.(Ill explain as we go)That being said here we go.


table saw

miter saw


brad nailer

drill and 1/4" bit


3/4"x1&1/2" wood,approximately 12' needed

rwb paint

outdoor wood glue

golden oak woodstain



Step 2: Rip the Wood

I built this project from pallet wood.It is very important that all wood used is of the same thickness.

Rip boards to a width of 1&1/2" about 12' is needed.

Step 3: Cut 1 1/2" Ripped Wood to 4 1/2" Lengths

Cut your ripped wood to 4 1/2".These must be all be the same length or the stars will not go together.I put a stop block on my table saw to keep the cuts the same.You will need 30 pieces,I always cut more than that,allowing for bad wood,or mistakes.

Step 4: Cut the 18 Degree

Now wer'e ready to cut the angles.Going to do the 18 degree first.Again stressing safety,these are small lengths of wood.Set your miter saw to 18 degrees.I built a jig(see pic) to keep fingers away from blade.Just place the wood in the jig,secure with 1 brad nail & make your cuts,then pull the nails.

Step 5: Cut the 36 Degree

Now cut the 36 degree angle.Again with the watch your fingers stuff.I just held the pieces for these cuts.Put a stop on your saw,the cuts(see pics) start at the square end of the pieces.Its kinda tricky to keep the angles all the same.I just get the first one right and use it as a pattern.The angles mirror each other ,not opposite.

Step 6: Quick Sand

At this point I gave the pieces a quick sand to knock the pallet wood dirt off.You dont have to get to fussy as these get painted.

Step 7: Put Them Together

I found the best way to do this is by nailing all the 36 degrees first,it helps to do this in a vice.Glue n nail,I use 4 nails per point.After all the 36degree are nailed its easy to glue n nail the 18degree.Hope you have stars!!!!!!!

I really screwed up the first time I tryed making stars,now I have them everywhere.Once you get the hang of it they are a blast to make.

Step 8: Drill Holes for Twine

Again the vice makes this easy.Vice it up n drill 1/4" holes for twine,keep the holes centered and the drill vertical.

Step 9: Paint Em Up

Use a cheap waterbased paint as these get sanded after the paints dry.

Step 10: Sand Stain Polyurathane

Last step,sand stars untill the wood grain starts to show.Stain the stars and poly them up.Put the rope in between and hang em up.

Any questions hit me up.

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