Hanging Toilet Paper -- Rebar and PVC




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One shouldn't have to be a contortionist to reach the toilet paper. 

The toilet in this small bathroom was not located for convenience.  To the left there no wall to mount a roll to, only a rubbery shower curtain.   To the right of the toilet there will probably be another curtain. 

The solution I came up with was to hang the roll from the pipes that the curtains slide on.  Rebar makes good hook material.  I used one piece of rebar to make the hook and the rest of the holder body, except for the PVC pipe that the toilet paper roll turns on.

Step 1: Bend the Rebar

I bent the rebar with just a big pair of pliers.   The PVC spindle has holes drilled in it so that two parallel areas of the rebar will impale it and hold it in place.  By sliding the spindle up the parallel sections, it eventually slides off one end, which allows the replacement of toilet paper rolls. 

The central PVC "spindle" doesn't spin, but the friction against the cardboard core of the roll is not great, and the roll does turn fairly easily. 

One section of the rebar is bent so that it protrudes in back, beyond the radius measurement of the roll.  That section rests against the wall in back of the roll, or against the curtain, and holds the paper away from the wall or curtain. 

Step 2: Replacing the Roll

Place a new roll on the PVC spindle and then slide the spindle down until the free end is impaled on the end of the rebar. 

Step 3: Shots From Different Angles

These are some shots of the holder as seen from different angles.  I hope you can figure out the bends. 



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Yet another quality PVC build Thinkenstein! Awesome. :D