Hanging a Barn Door for Our Master Bathroom


Introduction: Hanging a Barn Door for Our Master Bathroom

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We’ve had our hanging barn door hardware for nearly a year now (I’m ashamed to say) so this project has been on our “to do” list for WAY too long! Being as this is an old farm we have the perk of having several old barn doors that I stashed in a safe place and have been drooling over for months. This one was my grandparents’ old wood shed door. We were slow to get this project done because Joe and I have never had a problem living without a door on our bathroom as our master suite is on its own floor (only the dog is allowed up here besides us.) On top of that our bathroom and our bedroom have the staircase between them so a door was never really necessary. However, a bathroom needs a door, like all rooms just need a door. So, whether we’re actually going to be “using” this lovely hanging barn door, both of us absolutely adore it and are just stoked at how cool it looks!

After reading multiple nightmare stories of hanging barn doors online we were both a little apprehensive getting started. First, I spent an hour on the Amazon page of the hanging barn door hardware I had purchased months before. Within a few minutes of studying the pictures and reading through the question and answers section I got excited. Turns out, I made a really good choice in the hardware we purchased, it looked easy! And, I am stoked to say, Joe and I had this done in an hour, it WAS easy!

In the pictures you will see first that I brought the door and the hardware in before I went through all of the instructions. Then, Joe and I grabbed our drill and started the entire process by adding the wheels to the top of the door, this was a simple as drilling out the correct sized holes and screwing in the anchors before attaching the top wheels with screws.

Step 1: Getting the Rod Mounted and the Door Hung

With the wheels on the top of the door attached we took our measurements then headed up stairs with our six foot level to decide where to attach the five mounts for the rod. This was as simple as drawing a level line on the wall and then adding them in, three of them we attached to studs, the other two we used sheet rock anchors. Then we set the rod in place and secured it using the mounts.

With the rod up and mounted we just had to set the door on the rod and TA DAH! All done! It was so simple we looked at each other and didn’t know what to do with ourselves! Mentally we had both been prepared for a full afternoon project and we finished in just over an hour!



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    2 years ago

    hanging barn door hardware I had purchased months before

    Could you share, which hardware it was?

    3 replies

    Here's the link on Amazon. I was really really happy with the quality, they have it in black too I think.


    Thank you! I am really happy with you about your renovation project!

    Nice job, however I am curious at what holds the bottom from scraping the white molding? Is there a follower wheel o the bottom of the door?

    1 reply

    Hi there! Thank you for the comment! The door is too short right now so its not hitting anything when we use it. We're trying to decide if we want to find a longer door to replace it with, make this one longer using old barn wood or just live with it as is. The hardware came with a floor mount that is designed to go in a groove that runs along the bottom of the door but I think I will be getting the "on the wall" hardware instead, to hold it out from the trim.