Hanging Book Shelf

Introduction: Hanging Book Shelf

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Simply loved the idea of minimal book shelf design.The Feeling of hanging books on wall is just awesome.

And its quite cheap to make one i will go through all dimentions and steps that you needed to make it.

Step 1: Making Wooden Box

a>Take some good hard cover book in my case i took Alex Rutherford “Empire of the Moghul book” (size is almost 168X152 MM).

b>Make wooden box of almost same dimension but it should be hollow from inside so that you can keep things inside it..

Step 2: Position

The front end of box looks like this.It has hinge in front of it so that it can open.But as you stick cover to it that hinge wont be seen in final product.

Step 3: Fitting

Once box is operational you need mechanism to keep it on wall see this arrangement it has 3 screws at back that you straight away placed on wall..I forgot to take picture of that box that time so you actually can not see the exact thing but if you show this pic to your carpenter he will surely understand it.Make sure that he will polish the box as you are covering it he might say no need to polish but to get good life span polish the wood do not keep it unpolished.

Step 4: Steps to Follow to Make Wooden Box to Book :)

A) The paper feel you can get by xeroxing(photo copying :p) your book by keeping it in standing position take 2 xerox so that you can stick it at 2 lateral sides or if you know autocad or any paint kind of software straight away create drawings of parallel lines like how pages look when you see from side ways and stick that.

B>one end of cover you need to stick to box other end keep open like showed in photo

c)To fit it on wall with 3 screw or by some other arrangement. yey your book shelf is done….tweak it and make it more interesting and let me know:)

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Step 5:

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    thank u :)
    hey it looks like doorway but its a mirror :)


    6 years ago

    Nice job! I would've used a large magic book or better yet a book of Illusions as the shelf.... lol.Still very awesome


    6 years ago

    Is your doorway curvy in the last picture?