Hanging Lamp IKEA Spoon Holder (drainer)


Introduction: Hanging Lamp IKEA Spoon Holder (drainer)

I needed a new hanging lamp into a holiday cottage, so I built one of some Ikea spoon holder

Step 1: Material & Tools List:


metal spoon holder (i had from IKEA)

bulb holder (I chose size for light bulbs E27)

light bulb or LED bulb (E27)


cable clamps


metal shears or electric jigsaws

metal file


Step 2: Cutting the Hole

On the spoon holders cut out the center square of the bottom.

I used to electric jigsaws.

Then I smoothed the rough edges with a file to the metal

Step 3: Putting the Pieces Together

Now I placed the bulb sockets in the spoon holder

Step 4: Wiring

Now hang on a hook, connect it and hit the switch!

And done.



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    I really like the light it casts all around on the ceiling. Very cool!

    1 reply