Hanging Memo-pad. Simple, Attractive and Useful.




Introduction: Hanging Memo-pad. Simple, Attractive and Useful.

This is a simple DIY to make a very useful and attractive memo-pad that can be hung on a cork board or in the kitchen,office or bedroom. Anywhere you like! 

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Step 1: You Will Need...

Scissors, String, Paper of your choice. A printer and computer (optional)

Step 2: I Used...

... a recycled lot of paper that had a cotton-like feel. 

Step 3: If You Want to Add Extra Flair Using a Computer and Printer...

...choose a font of your liking (I chose Freestyle Script) and select an A4 sized blank sheet on publisher or whatever word document you use. If you want to keep your sheets blank then proceed to step 7.

Step 4: Using Text Boxes...

...place 4 boxes in the shape of a square roughly 16cm by 16cm. (This was the size of the paper I was using, it gives a nice proportion for the single memo sheets) But you can cut them to any size if you want bigger or smaller sheets. I chose the words "Don't forget" as its hanging by my door. I see it before I leave and it stops me forgetting a lot of things. Choose your own text and colours, this is where you can be creative. 

Step 5: Get Out Your Printer...

and place your paper inside, make sure to move the slider against the sheets. This keeps the paper neat and level whilst printing.

Step 6: Print Out a Test Page!

Just to be on the safe side, I had to do a few to kick start my ink cartridges. When you're happy with the look, print out your sheets. I printed out 15 as the paper was quite thick. Use as little or as many as you want in your memo pad. You can always make another one when it runs out.

Step 7: Cut And/or Rip Your Sheets...

...rip each sheet into 4 single memo sheets. You can cut them with scissors if you want a neater finish. I did both just to give it a more home-made look.

Step 8: Punch Holes...

...into each sheet, this is probably the step that will take the most time, especially if you punch the holes one by one like I did. My paper was very thick.

Step 9: Cut a Piece of String...

...to whatever length you desire. The string will be in a loop so double the length you want and leave a little extra for knotting. My string was approx 10 Inches total. Thread all your sheets onto the string until you have the wad of thickness you want.

Step 10: Tie a Knot...

...and double knot the string, pull it tight so that it wont unravel. 

Step 11: And You're Done!

Your memo pad it finished and you can hang it anywhere you like, and when you're done with a sheet you can just rip it off and throw it away :) 

P.S. I also looped a piece of knotted string through a pen and hung it next to the pad for convenience :)

Happy DIYing

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