Hanging Retro Cassette Led Lamp




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There are instructables about cassette lamps. All I have seen are table top lamps.

I wanted to make a hanging roof lamp. 

I also wanted to use multi-colour led lamp, to make it look even more retro: 70's here I come!

Step 1: What Do I Need?

C-casettes with clear casings and clear casette bodys, 12 pcs. 
Square piece of clear acrylic (12,5 x 12,5 cm)
Drill with 40mm diameter
Roof lamp attachment
Multicolour led lamp with remote control
Clear & strong plastic glue
Painter's tape

Step 2: Gluing It All Together

Gluing cassettes is quite easy. Just remember to put every cassette lid outwards and in same direction. Also use painter's tape to keep cassettes in place until the glue sets.

Step 3: Making the Roof Assembly

I found pretty neat lamp holder with red canvas coated electrical cord.

I made a 40mm hole in the middle of 12,5x12,5cm clear acrylic.

Then I assembled the lamp holder and glued the acrylic in top of the lamp. 

Step 4:

I bought a remote controlled led lamp for this project. You can buy these anywhere, but dx.com is cheap:


Step 5:

Here is a small video of the finished lamp.

The lamp has several programs which can be selected with remote controller.



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