Hanging Shelf for Mini Green House or Multi Use

Introduction: Hanging Shelf for Mini Green House or Multi Use

two pieces of 3/4 ply wood, a drill, router table, 1/4 round router bit, clamps, drill set, glue, two inch screws, a counter set drill, measuring tape, a pencil all found a techshop.

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Step 1: Line Up Plywood to Edge

LIne up plywood to the edge and mark it for referance

Step 2: Route Edges

Put routing bit in to table router adjust to desired height. Then route desired edges of ply wood.

Step 3: Clamp and Drill

Clap two pieces of plywood and drill four holes on the edge where screws will be going in after

Step 4: Apply Glue

apply glue to edge that is going to get screwed together

Step 5: Counter Sink Holes

counter sink the holes that were drilled

Step 6: Screw Down the Plywood

screw two pieces of plywood together

Step 7: Make Two Holes for Hanging

Drill two holes for hanging support 

Step 8: Finished Shelf

all done. hang where ever you want. and have fun with it.

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