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Introduction: Hanging Toolposts - Recycled CANS

About: I don't have much of a budget usually to create my stuff... so i usually base my creation on recycles and reuse of old stuff, useless stuff and transformations!! I do this naturally, the creation of tutorial...

I won't create a guide for this... 'cause it's very easy to make and a step-by-step guide will be excessive. It's enough to spend some words on the materials and the method to do this simple toolpost.

MATERIALS: Empty cans, steel wire (made of copper, or brass, ecc... something that you can manipulate), some nails or screws, an hammer or screwdriver.

- Take the empty cans and attach to it the steel wire, for me it's been really easy: the cans that i used was for the coffee, and they had a top, so the have a this track all around them, and the wire was really easy to attach to it.
You've to make an hand to one side of the can with the wire (this is the reason why you need the wire), this will be the rear side, the one you'll put against the wall.
Make a little hole at the end of the hand
- Take the nails or screws and the hammer or screwdriver and put them into the wall you want to hang the cans... i used some screw 'cause the walls of my house are so fucking hard to pierce... and the nails simply brakes against it... so i just took some screw and i hammered them on the wall (yeah... it was a raw way but at least it worked XD)
- Now take the cans and hang them on the nails/screw with the hole you made on them with the wire and put your tools or cutlery into them and you're done!!

I find these toolposts really usefull: i've them near the cooker and i use these tools really often when i cook, so it's better for me to have them hanging at the wall instead that in a drawer... plus i like the shape of this coffee cans and the way they look hanging at the wall... It's a little bit raw and this is why i like it!!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i don't think so... this is not that much of a gift for someone XD they look good in your kitchen and they're a nice way to avoid waisting cans... but how can you gift this to someone? :)
    i entered another instructable into the "Holiday Gifts Contest", this one:
    this one, this gift grant me the first "i'm in love with you" from my girlfriend... i think this really works upon someone ^^

    Thanks anyway!! :) i really appreciate your thought!! :D