Hangman's Noose

Introduction: Hangman's Noose

*WARNING: under no circumstances do I take any responsibility for injuries. Never put any loop, noose, or other length of rope around your neck. This 'able is for educational purposes only!*

Step 1: The Necessities

Any length of rope, twine, yarn, or thread.

Step 2: Tying the Knot

Lay down your rope in an S formation as shown.

Step 3:

Next carry the bottom part over the length of rope

Step 4:

Begin looping the length you carried over, around itself

Step 5:

After making 5 or so loops, pull the remaining length of rope through the circle near the top.

Step 6: Pull!

Pull the loop tight by tugging on the noose and holding the knot. After pulled taut, the noose should be able to be adjusted.

Step 7: *optional*

You may now cut the remaining length of rope. Make certain you don't cut the wrong length.



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    5 Discussions

    this should be the ONLY method of punishment

    First instructable, hope you like it, any comments, question, advice?

    1 reply

    The rope you used is really small, and the setting in which you tied it is fairly low light making it kind of difficult to notice the details.

    Can you makean ible for slip knots please?