Hanna Cupcakes

You will need:

a large piece of cardboard, at least 2' X 3', covered with heavy-duty aluminum foil
25 cupcakes (baked in aluminum cupcake papers)
icing for cupcakes
purple and pink icing coloring
supplies to pipe icing
Hannah Montana cutout from a card or birthday plate
Step 1

Bake the cupcakes and allow to cool.

Step 2

Arrange the cupcakes on the foil-covered cardboard to look like a guitar. Use the included picture for a reference.

Step 3

Pick up each cupcake and pipe a dot of icing on the bottom of the paper. Set it back down in the same spot so that it will adhere to the aluminum foil surface.

Step 4

Pipe pink icing onto each cupcake in a circular pattern, covering the entire top of the cupcake. This is easier to do with a decorator tip that has a large round opening.

Step 5

Pipe purple icing musical notes onto each of the cupcakes that make up the body of the guitar. Use a decorator tip with a tiny opening.

Step 6

Pipe 4 purple icing guitar strings on the 5 cupcakes that make up the neck of the guitar. Use the same small decorator tip that you used to pipe the musical notes.

Step 7

Pipe a purple icing outline around the body of the guitar, coming in narrower on the cupcake that sticks out on the bottom right of the body. This will give the sculpture more of an authentic guitar shape. Use a larger star-shaped decorator tip.

Step 8

Pipe purple icing keys onto the two cupcakes that sit off from the end of the neck. Pipe a purple icing horseshoe shape around the cupcake at the end of the guitar neck. The keys and horseshoe shape look best using a large star-shaped decorator tip. You can use a small tip to pipe purple lines from the keys back over to the neck so that they will look attached.

Step 9

Cut out the Hannah Montana/guitar picture and lay it on the body of the guitar. Pipe purple icing around the picture with a large star-shaped decorator tip.

Step 10

Use a small decorator tip to write the birthday message on the blank space near the neck of the guitar



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