Father's Day Card





Introduction: Father's Day Card

Let's Make Father's Day Card.

Step 1: Fold the Paper

Fold  the paper like this:

Step 2: Draw

Draw things and stripes. You can draw everything. I draw tie, basketball and one. For example tie and its stripe has same length.

Step 3: Paint and Cut

Paint. And cut but don't cut red sections.

Step 4: Paste Paper

Turn back and paste white paper .But don't paste to marked section. And paste colour paper on the white paper.

Step 5: Decorate

And decorate your card. You can do everything.

Step 6: Finish

Fold your card like this. And give your father. When he open the card, he will see the things that stand.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!



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Thx for this Idea ,very handy and clevef