Happy Holiday 3D Printing Ornament

Hello guys. The holiday is near. So I will show you how you can decorate your house by using 3D printed ornaments. Lets begin.........

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Step 1: Designing the Tag

You can easily design the tag with the help of a software named Tinkercad. It will take you just a minute to sign up on this website. After that you will have to drag a tag from the right and drop some letters in it. Then you will have to re-size it. When the re-sizing is done, you can use any color you want to paint the letters and the tag. Then go to the top left of the menu bar and export the model into STL form.

Design => Download for 3D printing => STL

And you will have a file ready for 3D print.

Step 2: The Final Step

When you are done designing the tag, install MatterControl. This is another FREE and easy to use software. you can connect it to your 3D printer and add the file by clicking the "ADD" icon at the bottom left hand corner.

Finally hit "START" to begin printing. I did not print because I do not have a 3D printer. However your assignment is now done. You can also make many other things by the same process.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing your ornament. It looks like a nice little gift tag. Very cool.