Happy Together

Meet Nigiri and Wasabi. They're fridge magnets who loves to hold important pieces of paper in place. Like take-out sushi menus and paintings from Friday's art class.

Don't let Nigiri's pointy teeth make you think it's mean. It's actually a gentle spirit, quite introverted, and spends lots of time contemplating.

Wasabi, on the other hand, is rather extroverted, has a big, bold personality, and likes to greet people with big warm hugs before they have their morning coffee.

They're just perfect together!

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    surely! if you have an etsy account or don't mind creating one please send me a custom request at my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/genuinemudpie

    if you don't want to create an etsy account please send me an email at genuinemudpie@gmail.com.

    thanks! :D

    genuine mudpieWin Guy

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thank you so much! i'm actually planning on making a pattern for nigiri, so i will post that here when i'm done! wasabi is more free-formed, but it's basically a short cylinder, and the top part is made with decreasing back-loop-only stitches to create that spiral pattern.