Happy and Safe Room From My Sons!!!

I am a mother of 5 children. We live in 3BR/2B mobile home. I know what you think. Are you crazy. Most days yes. My youngest son is getting ready to transition to his big boy bed. The hard part is that my older son is 8. Plus the room is 8x10 with a 3x5 closet. Tiny!!!!! This challenge is perfect for me. I love Ikea products. They incorporate quality and affordability. When you are putting together a small space there is no other choice than Ikea. Winning this would make life to two little boys a lot more fun. They photos I have taken give you an idea of just how small their room really is. In the last  frame is how Ikea products would be used to make this room function at it's best. Only with Ikea could you get this much function out of one little room.   



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