HappyBirthdays Offical Sidearm -HBOS-

PLEASE READ!This gun is based off of the TDSS. I strongly recommend this pistol. I love it. It's Epic. It's Brutal. It's HBOS-1. Please give credit to TheDunkis and Apples!!!!!. The mag and trigger are TheDunkis's, and his TDSS was based off Apples!!!!! sidearm. The barrel looks like a magazine dosen't it?
  • Now with movie ( the reason i said oww in the movie is because of my foot
(i injured it ) )

Trigger type: True
Ammunition: Grey connectors
Mechanism: Ram
Magazine capacity: 13 or less
Weight: 1 and a half pounds (scale was probably wrong)
Firing Interval: About A Second

Handle Mag
Good Range of about 30 or 40 feet
True trigger
Bigish (I like big but some people like small)
Looks Good
fake silencer
When the bullets get stuck upwards, they unjam when the firing pin is pulled back.
Pull the ram back too fast it jams.
Requires 2 Modified pieces and a lot of black Y hands

Recommended Pistol
Also PLEASE COMMENT!and RATE! And could someone review this?

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Step 1: Peice Count

Here's the Piece count
Orange 18
white 14
yellow 9
Modded Orange:2 (cut the ends off)
Light Grey 6
Dark grey 9
Tan hubcap 3
blue hubcap 1
Red 2
green 3
Black u piece 1
Black hands 18

30 white
67 green
1 black
1 red

Im pretty sure some of them are wrong, so if they are then comment below and correct (Please!)

Step 2:

The handle mad by TheDunkis just Extended a bit

Pic 1-3 build
Pic 4-5 Close up on the modded peices

Step 3: Barrel

Heres the barrel

Pic 1 Completed Barrel
Pic 2 the top Rail
Pic 3 The top of the barrel
Pic 4 Another view
Pic 5 Another view
Pic 6 The top rail Almost connected
Pic 7 Close up of the back

Step 4: Pieces

The pieces Include:
Comfort grip
Firing pin
Mag pusher

Pic 1 Comfort peices
Pic 2 Trigger
Pic 3 Mag pusher and Firing pin

Step 5: Attaching

Soo close =P

Pic 1 Handle to body
Pic 2-3 Trigger to body
Pic 4-5 comfort to handle
Pic 6 completed

Step 6: Rubber Bands and Firing

Last Step!
Pic 1 Trigger rubber bands
Pic 2 Firing pin bands
Pic 3 Mag pusher bands
Pic 4 loadin the bullets in
pic 5 mag pusher in
pic 6 locked and loaded


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    75 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    wow. extremely powerful, most accurate gun i've made from this site that's not a single shot...... 5*. only complaint is that its huge

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! You can probably shorten the barrel and instead of a black/gray rod for the firing pin use a red rod, although I don't know if it will still shoot as hard. I made it huge because I have biggish hands, so yeah..


    10 years ago on Step 3

    what's the rail in the middle i can see green rods inside the white rounds

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    it looks pretty bad but it fires well maybe you should check out my gun