HappyBot (Jessica Dunmyer + Iting Su)

Introduction: HappyBot (Jessica Dunmyer + Iting Su)

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Materials Needed


Scotch Tape or Glue

1 Paper or Construction Paper


Dashed Line (Cut Through) - - - - - - - -

Solid Line (Fold)

Instructions :

1. Cut through button along the Dashed Line

2. Fold Robot paper in half at the solid line.

3. Put glue at the “Glue” line.

4. Roll paper into a Cylinder shape and glue ends together.

5. Cut the other dash lines (Square ones)

6. Separate the (2) Arms by cutting between them. Crinkle the hands, then Glue Arms to the sides of Robot.

Say Hello to Happy Bot, who loves to make you smile and cheer you up when you’re feeling sad.

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