Hard-Drive Based Dynamic Mic Stand for HQ Sound-Recordings

Introduction: Hard-Drive Based Dynamic Mic Stand for HQ Sound-Recordings

HDD-based-mic Narration Text:

there was a dynamic mic in my junk box, but without any stand nor connection cable.
as i needed a high quality mic for my projects to explain, so i had to think of a
stand for the mic.

a 2GB sound Recorder for wireless or offline recordings.
a broken hard-drive is a best option to make a heavy mic stand.

not that heavy though.

also needed some small nuts and bolts for IC recorder stands.

so just searching a few minutes in pluming section of a DIY store,
i found this holder with this bigger bolt that fits the project nicely.

a pair of long and short input output cables----- for the IC Recorder and long one
for direct mic to computer connection.

as usual taking all the internal parts out from the Hard-drive----- carefully cause those heads on palters are sharp enough to cut any kind of finger.

so i stared to drill the cover using an electric screw driver and a metal drilling blade.

a small switch makes it easier to control but that is optional though.
--------- the built -in switch of the mic is now locked under the holder, but does not damage the mic.

no problem at all.

it is a nice holder cause i can tighten it as hard as i want to and the mic stands perfectly stable without shaking, ----- while the recording sensitivity is set to highest level in the
IC-recorder, it records any possible sound with low frequency, but we don't need them

this is the whole set-up of the project----- that i recorded later.

this input jack is very easy to use on hard-drive or any other metallic surface-- cause
it is exactly like nuts and bolts, ------not sure how you call it in English-- but is very comfortable, i use a pair of these on most of my projects.

soldering wires from the mic output to the switch then to the output Jack---- it
makes it possible to use this mic as an input device for any kind of sound recording devices.
Sitting-up--  and almost it is done, now a little test to make sure i connected all wires
this is how it works, just connect it to the recorder and it is portable either. Meanwhile
the whole project works only using a 1.5V double A battery.
for a long time.
Direct input to my computer while not using the IC-recorder.
but recording in-front of computer adds some extra noise to the sound clip, it requires extra effort to filter and clean up using an audio editing software.
it is due to computer fans, as any kind of air flow would do the same.
but anyway using a dynamic mic with IC recorder just works perfectly.
so for the upcoming projects i am going to use this sound recorder.
Checked several times for safety either, nothing wrong with it.
total cost of the project is about 10 US dollars, without the mic and the ic recorder.

there is a text of this project with a PDF map on the details of the video.
if you had any question, add comments or send me an email.
as usual i reply as soon as possible.

check my channel for my other homemade projects:


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