Hard Drive NeoPixel 3D Printed Clock




The hard drive clock will display
the time via the NeoPixels that are located on the hard drive platter area. This project is designed around utilizing a discarded notebook 2.5” hard drive.

The hard drive is mounted to a 3D printed enclosure. The hard drive clock utilizes (1) Adafruit Metro Mini 328 Arduino compatible controller, (1) ChronoDot - Ultra-precise Real Time Clock, (1) NeoPixel Ring - 12 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Drivers, (1) NeoPixel Ring - 24 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Drivers and (2) Momentary (on)-off-(on) SPDT Up-Down Rocker Switches. A complete parts list along is provided at the end of this “Instructable”.

The .stl files for printing the clock parts, Arduino code and wiring diagram are located here. The clock was printed on a Lulzbot mini with HIPS filament.

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Step 1: Components - Arduino Based Adafruit Metro Mini 328 Controller

Step 2: Components - ChronoDot Real Time Clock

Step 3: Components - NeoPixel 12 Ring

Step 4: Components - NeoPixel 24 Ring

Step 5: Components - Socket and Servo Cables

Step 6: Components - Power Supply

Step 7: Components - Filament

Step 8: Components - Wire

Step 9: Components - Liquid Electrical Tape

Step 10: Components - Lacquer

Step 11: Components - Mounting Screws

Step 12: Components - Bumpers

Step 13: 3D Printing - Clock_Base.stl

Step 14: 3D Printing - Clock_Base.stl

Step 15: 3D Printing - Clock_Cover.stl

Step 16: 3D Printing - Clock_Cover.stl

Step 17: 3D Printing - Assembly View Back

Step 18: 3D Printing - Assembly View Front

Step 19: Construction - Hard Drive

Step 20: Construction - Hard Drive

Step 21: Construction - Mark NeoPixel Ring Drilling Points

Step 22: Construction - Drill NeoPixel Wire Holes

Step 23: Construction - File Slot for the NeoPixel Wires

Step 24: Construction - Solder Wires to NeoPixels

Step 25: Construction - Test Fit NeoPixel Rings

Step 26: Construction - Place Tape on NeoPixel Rings

Step 27: Construction - Apply Liquid Electrical Tape

Step 28: Construction - Install NeoPixel Rings

Step 29: Construction - Install Circuit Board

Step 30: Construction - Countersink Base Attachment Holes

Step 31: Construction - Sand Clock Base and Cover

Step 32: Construction - Solder and Attach Time Set Switches

Step 33: Construction - Solder and Attach Time Set Switches

Step 34: Construction - Attach Hard Drive to Cover

Step 35: Construction - Mount Components to Base

Step 36: Construction - Attach Wires to ChronoDot and Metro Mini 328

Step 37: Construction - Attach Base to Cover

Step 38: Construction - Apply Spray Lacquer to the Clock

Step 39: Construction - Apply Spray Lacquer to the Clock

Step 40: Construction - Wiring Diagram

Step 41: Construction - Attach Base / Bumpers

Step 42: Construction - Program Adafruit Metro Mini 328

Step 43: Construction - Make Power Connection

Step 44: Time Set Switches

Step 45: Time Displays

Step 46: Time Displays

Step 47: Time Displays

Step 48: Parts Listing

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    1 year ago

    Sorry - I found it in the clock wiring pdf. Thanks - great job


    1 year ago

    Please Can you post the code in a pdf?


    3 years ago

    Kudo's to you gg2inc ! this is a fantastically detailed Instructable !!!! It's exactly the kind of detail that can help those who are unsure of where and how to get the materials to do this kind of a job - wow ! I'm doing this one soon - Your patience and detail in this are noteworthy - good job & I'll send photos when I'm done ! thank you !

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