Hard Drive Platter Throwing Star





Introduction: Hard Drive Platter Throwing Star

This is how to make a throwing star from a hard drive platter. With this design I have gotten penetration of about a half an inch in a piece of card board with practice.

Caution : These are not toys, you could severely injure yourself as well as others. i assume no responsibility for what you do with these.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Permanent Marker
Scissors (Don't Use Your Best Pair They Dull Quickly)
Hard Drive Platters (One Per Star You Plan To Make)

Step 2: Draw Lines

Layout the line by using the pictures.
1) draw line across the cd at about the half way point. to make a plus sign.
2) measure up any where from one eigth inch to one half inch from the middle of the circle along the lines drawn in step 1.
3) working line by line draw in the lines from the edge of the outer edge of the lines drawn in step one, to the marks made in step 2.

Step 3: Your Done

Then Cut Around The The Out side lines to get a star shape.

Then your Done, now go throw your star at some targets!



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    29 Discussions

    AWESOME. now i've got little shattered bits of hard drive all over my desk :/
    guess lap top disks are too brittle

    i was working with a laptop drive and the platers shattered all over the place.

    yhea laptops are generally thinner than pc's the one i work with is at least 1 whole mm

    i used a flathead screw driver to mark the lines it seemed to work better looked neater

    that was the first thing i thought when i read this... my second thought, im using a dremel and a knife sharpener!