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Introduction: Hard Back Book Folder

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Using a cheap hardback book to make an expanding file is a fun way to store those little bits of paper we always have lying around.

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Step 1: Remove the Book Pages

Cut out the pages of your chosen book using a craft knife, so you just have the hard cover.

Step 2: Making the Concertina File

Cut two pieces of thick paper.
Mine were the length of an A3 piece of paper and had the same width as the book cover, which was 15.5cm

Fold the pieces of paper concertina style, making sure the folds are all the same size.
Mine were 1cm.

Step 3: Add Ribbon

Attach some ribbon to the inside of the book cover along the middle using strong glue.

The ribbon will be tied to keep the file together.

Step 4: Assemble the Folder

Glue the folded paper to the edges of the inside of the book cover.
Add a piece of paper on top, over the ribbon, to keep things neat.
Do this for both sides of the book cover.

Step 5: Add the Dividers

Cut rectangles of paper, mine were 15.5x23cm, to be the dividers in the folder and glue them in place.

I put mine in every other fold, though you could put more or less depending on how many sections you would like.

Step 6: Finished

Your folder is read to fill up.

I filled mine with photos, leaflets and general life ephemera.
And because I used the book Miles To Go by Miley Cyrus, I call this creation the Miley Filey System.


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Book Girl
Book Girl

4 years ago

wonderful idea!