Costume: LED Helmet With Animations

About: I make things because its fun and I like the challenge.

This is my cheap (about $30) and cheerful LED helmet, which is loosely based on the Daft Punk Helmets as seen in " Something About Us" music video.

The black box seen on the end of a grey wire contains an Arduino, lo and behold. The grey wire, I call the embilical cord, has it has 9 important sub-wires inside.

It uses 160 LEDs and any 2 LED's can be individualy lit up, as one side is the duplicate of the other.

I would like the thank Syst3mX for Major help with the code and for his instructable he posted :

Which I used and modified to get the screen bigger.

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    7 years ago on Introduction


    any chance of seeing what code you used please?

    Kind regards



    8 years ago on Introduction

    I want have skill on LED like you , but i am do not know how to start ...

    Hi, if you like it please vote for it in the led contest around the 19 june -Thank you