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First, hypothetically watch this video. We will be building the one entitled "Ross' Shotgun". It is a slamfire with a stock.

It works when you place a round into the barrel, and then slam it back into the receiver, striking the round against the firing pin.

DISCLAIMER: This is for educational purposes only or something to that effect. Feel free to use this as a political argument. Don't build this, as there is a chance that you could hurt yourself. If you ignored me, don't fire it at anything up close, as in the test I had a few ricochets. Follow your local laws. US law and Instructables law do not forbid making these, SO THIS IS LEGAL, but if you live under an oppressive regime like North Korea or California, you might have to check. :)

If you are good to go legally, let's continue!

Step 1: Journey to the Hardware Store!

If you were hypothetically going to build one of these, you might hypothetically need these.

Now you'll want to hypothetically buy the following items, if you lack any:

1. 3/4" galvanized or black steel pipe, schedule 40. At least 18" long unless you have a gunsmithing license.

2. 1" end cap

3. 1" steel nipple, 6" long. Try to find one with no weld seam on the inside.

4. 2x6 if you plan to make a stock yourself. I had one lying around. I won't go into how to make one, but this might be useful: https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-Custom-Rifle-Stock/

5. Nail

6. Strap wrench (for a barrel handle, optional)

7. 3/4 inch pipe brackets/clips

Step 2: Modifying Parts

You know what? I'm done saying "hypothetically". If you want to build this, I can't stop you. I'm not a criminal for sharing information. It's not my fault if someone gets hurt.

To make your gun work, you'll need to modify the storebought parts. The 6" nipple (lol) will be the receiver, and to make the barrel slide nicely into it, you will need to file off the inner weld if you didn't heed my earlier warning. This could take several hours. Be patient; it's worth it in the end. Or be less patient and go to a store that already ground it off. If the barrel (the longer piece) has too big a weld, go ahead and sand it down with a dowel covered in sandpaper.

Modify a nail by cutting it short; it doesn't really matter how short, but remember that the barrel will stop around the end of the nail. Round the tip with a file.

Step 3: Mount Everything and Customize

I tried to avoid using tape, as tape is not classy on guns. Instead, I wrapped the receiver onto the stock with butcher's twine. I added a pipe clip to keep the barrel aligned, and I was basically finished.

To improve my gun in the future, I might add a flash suppressor, a better pad at the end of the stock (as mine is metal right now) and a handle made out of a strap wrench.

I still haven't fired it by hand, but I trust my gun. She still needs a name...

Now go protect your family or kill some ducks or defeat ISIS!

Thanks for watching, and we'd appreciate if you took a look at our other stuff on Youtube, or even showed other people how to make guns for themselves (assuming it's legal) ;)

Our channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9LRSyhMVLClWyreUgoMdKw you might see something you like.



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    1 year ago

    Excellent instructable Gentleman. With all due respect to your build, I did notice one design of Luke's that made it weak. The hole in the endcap. With a what
    I call "slamback" shotgun, i suggest, do not, i repeat, do not have an open hole. The shell should not have been obliterated like we saw. The force of expending gas did not propel as it should have, but appeared to come out the back end, causing major recoil, and destruction within. With Ross's, he was able to pull out the shell somewhat easily. Like removing a shell from a properly machined Mossberg. If you had been holding that, you may be $10,000 richer if you were serving in the Military. Or learning to write with your other hand. Just my 0.2 cents. Once again, great instructable

    Nubs Up!!!

    I mean....Thumbs up!


    Reply 3 years ago

    I drilled through a couple of bottle caps and pressure fit it.


    Reply 3 years ago

    tnx.yes i think i saw that in one of yr youtube videos. good job


    3 years ago

    called Salpak gun (in Tagalog) very nifty.
    Use with a smaller barrel for rifle ammo


    Reply 3 years ago

    That's partially where we got the idea