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    Really cool, I love steam engines, very powerful. I was wondering how to build the boiler for this project, or where to find it here?

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    You can use just about anything for a boiler, just get a metal pipe, fill it with water, attach a hose, and put a heat source under it.

    Your design is really neat. I'm just guessing, but the inner pipe openings should look like this:

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    I never could come up with such a nifty valve system. You're a genius!
    I gather some pipes and give it a try. This should not prevent you from building another... and ible it.

    Thanks! lol, im obsessed with steam engines! after many many tires to build a working model without a machine shop, and i finally nailed it. good luck

    u done wat i have been wanting to do for a ling time :) i have no machine shop either XD, a butane torch and a dremel copy is my best bet x3

    Those are very cool. Why do you have two inlet valves?

    I'd be very interested to see a full build if you ever make another one.

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    > Why do you have two inlet valves?
    .  Looking at the videos, they appear to be forward and reverse.
    .  I would most definitely like to see more, especially how the valve is constructed.

    one is a inlet and the other is the outlet.
    but you can supply steam to the outlet and the motor will run in reverse, and the two valves will swap functions inlet will become outlet, and outlet will become inlet.

    I would love to see you use this same principle to make a double acting engine or a multi cylinder engine. I have no idea how you would sort the valve, however.

    I wish I had ANY 'machinery' or metal tools. I left everything behind when I had to move in a bit of a hurry...


    When drilling for the valve holes. What is the relationship of the crank to the piston?
    Do you drill the inlet with the crank in the 12 o'clock position and then the outlet with the crank in the 6 o'clock position?. If it was a vertical engine would it be crank at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock?
    I was thinking you would drill the inlet when the piston is at top dead center and then the outlet when it is at bottom dead center. That is the only thing I am having a hard time understanding with this build. Thanks for the great ible. Your valve idea is brilliant and I want to make one of these. Luckily I work for Lowe's so I can get my materials at a dicount:)