Hardware Store Steel and Copper Bracelet




Introduction: Hardware Store Steel and Copper Bracelet


Steel tie wire

Romex copper wire

Step 1: Get Wire

Cut a piece of tie wire 25" long, and one piece of copper romex wire 25" long, both available at the hardware store. You will need to use wire strippers and/or a knife (careful) to strip off the insulation. Or you can just use the already bare ground wire.

Step 2: Twist!

Fold the wires in half over the hammer, clamp it in the chuck of a hand drill, and twist it while standing on the hammer. Go slow, you will want a drill with a chuck key so you can clamp down tight enough. Cut the looped ends of the wires and pull it off the hammer.

Step 3: Hammer Time

Hammer the twisted wire flat on a hard surface. Be sure to look at it sideways from time to time to make sure you have created a uniform thickness.

Step 4: Cut and File

Cut the bracelet to length and file the ends so they will not snag.

Step 5: Bend

Using a combination of pliers with cardboard or rubber, a hard round object, and your bare hands, bend the bracelet to a comfortable shape. Be contientious of the ends of the bracelet so they stay together. You can touch up the ends with a little sandpaper after you are finished bending.

Step 6: Wear!

Nice! Keep in mind that steel will rust if it gets wet or salty. I protect mine by rubbing olive oil into it every so often, and if you take good care of it, over time the steel will age to a darker blue and the copper will glow a deep orange, something you can really be proud of :)

Visit the instructable that inspired me, https://www.instructables.com/id/Steel-Bracelet/

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I don't have a hand drill, and I'm sure I could use needlenose pliers for this, but would a powerdrill set very slowly work?

Nice looking but copper and steel dislike each other. This will leave green copper corrosion on you. The steel will eat the copper unless it is coated with something.

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You could use Nickle wire I suppose,
some people are allergic to it, but it plays nicely with copper. Better still, they can both be annealed with a propane torch, making the twisting easier.

I believe nickel causes copper to oxidize faster.

Is there a reason for the Romex copper wire? Whats the difference between that and regular copper wire? I have some leftove copper that I'd love to use. Thanks!

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If you will Clean the oiles from the steel wire first. Then trist it and hammer it out as you described, and using a Propane torch, flux and silver Solder braze the ends togather you can then shape and smooth ends with no problem of it separating or snagging cloths in the future.

Fun. Getting an even turn is difficult though.


It didn't come out as good as yours and I used some different wire tried to come up with a different style but if I do it again I know what to do.

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I like it! the first one I made was real rough, but it had this primitive feel to it. Keep on!

Went to Home Depot, but forgot to find out what gauge wire to use. Is it 14 gauge on the Romex copper wire ? And is the steel wire a standard gauge ?

Cheers, thanks

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Use Walnut oil instead of olive oil.

Walnut oil will not go rancid.

So absurdly easy, and such amazing results! I absolutely must try this!

Great instructable. Short and to the point. Beautiful end product. I will definitely try this one. Maybe experiment with some different metals also. Thank you!

Davis, beautiful work thank you for sharing. A suggestion about the rusting, there is a product called Renaissance Wax. It is used in museums and other applications. A little goes a long way and keeps the steel from rusting. It is better than any oil or combination of oils for protecting metals that rust. Below is a Google link for your convenience :)

renaissance wax - Google Search

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Hi Davis, yes it is I use it when I make jewelry with rebar tie wire and when I use copper wire. It helps to also retard the oxidation process.
Good Luck :)