Hardwood Cutting Board

Phillip Tang, Alex Huynh


Two 3ft tall Oak wood boards, 0.75in thickness, 11.25in wide

Titebond 3 Wood Glue

Medium to light sandpaper

Food Safe Wood Finisher


Table Saw


1. Preparing the wood.

- Mark the wood at the points in which you plan to cut. Keep in mind that the distance between each point will be how thick your cutting board will be, we cut 1.5 inch pieces for a 1.5 inch thick cutting board.

2. Cutting the board.

- Use a table saw (preferred) to cut your wood, set your table saw to the appropriate measurement, and run end pieces through twice to make straight edges.

3. Arranging the wood.

- Arrange the wood based on color, and grains for best visual appearance.

4. Gluing the wood.

- Apply glue to flat faces of the wood, and clamp them together when finished.

5. Sanding the wood.

- Sand the wood accordingly, start with a rough grit, then go to a finer grit.

6. Apply wood finish.

- Finish is used to maintain the cutting board and ensure longevity. We used mineral oil and a clean rag. Other finishers are Good Stuff wood finish, and walnut oil.



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