Harley Davidson Clock




Been wanting to make a clock for some time now. I already had the clock piece which I saved from an old ceramic clock.

This piece is made out of 3/4" pine bought from Home Depot.
I sketched out a quick picture of how I wanted it to look like then sprayed the back of the paper with spray adhesive and glued it onto my piece of wood.

Step 1: Basic Design Cut Out With My Scroll Saw.

I used my mastercraft 16" scroll saw to cutout the basic shape.

Step 2: Adding More Pieces

I cutout a circle from the same 3/4" wood. Marked and cutout a hole for the clock piece to sit in. I drilled several holes to look like bolts. Then glued to the back piece with carpenters glue.

Step 3: Adding More Detail

I cutout 2 pieces which will be used for the valve covers. Again, added a few holes for the appearance of bolts.

Step 4: More Detail

I added 4 wooden dowels which look like push rods. 2 smaller wooden pieces down by the clock and glued it all to the back board. It's starting to look like a Harley Engine!

Step 5: Some Fine Detail

I started adding some small pieces of wood which look like the cooling fins on the cylinders. They are simply glued onto the back board and push rods.

Step 6: More Fins

Really slow work adding these cooling fins. But making it look really cool!

Step 7: Almost Done

All cooling fins glued on.

Step 8: Work on the Breather

Just added a circle to raise the breather above the fins.

Step 9: Breather

I decided on a shape and cut it out with my scroll saw.
It won't be glued on until I stain so I can reach the wood under the breather.

Step 10: Breather

I drilled more holes in the breather and the engine case to give more effect.

Step 11: Last Step

I cut out the Letters H D and glued them to the breather.
All that's left to do is stain it with your choice of stain. I'm going with a dark stain.

My instructable don't have many measurements or other specific information. They give you a basic idea of what a person can build in there home in there spare time with basic tools. I used a 16" scroll saw, a drill with various bits and sandpaper. I'm sure you could do the same with a simple jigsaw.

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Thanks everyone!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I like this. Not much of a HD guy, but I do appreciate woodwork and the thought and care that went into this. I kinda like that you didn't put the logo on it. The patina is really nice...!

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I only wish you had used the actual HD logo up top, aside from that I love the Raw/Mechanical look you have going on

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago

    Hello, I was complimenting You about using "Working Man's tools".
    P.S. The second comment should have read Pan Head. :- }


    Reply 5 years ago

    No 3D printing here. I printed out my image then started to cut smaller pieces of wood and made them fit as I went.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Sorry no. I sketched it out on a single piece of paper then used a website to resize it so it would be printed across 2 sheets like a poster.


    5 years ago on Step 11

    I didn't seem to notice any "3-D Printing or Lasers". cOOl.!