Harley Davidson T-shirt Quilt




Introduction: Harley Davidson T-shirt Quilt

I made this T-shirt quilt from mine and my husband's used Harley T-shirts.  The only purchased items were a queen flat sheet, a fat-quarter of orange fabric, black thread and quilt batting.  Applique piecework and machine quilting were done with my Singer sewing machine.

I plan to use an online auction and donate all proceeds to the Red Cross to use for the Japan Earthquake Relief efforts.

Thanks for looking.

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    very cool quilt. next quilt you make tho, you should invest in more fabric for the back of the quilt as the sheet material wears out faster because of the thread count. learned the hard way. after having 2 quilt backs wear out after 2 years, i now invest in the fabric to back them with. love your idea of donating proceeds to the red cross so you get big kudos for you talent and your kind heart. hope you get a boat load of cash for it.