Harley Quinn Bomb (prop)

Introduction: Harley Quinn Bomb (prop)

I figured I should make this for all of the Harley Quinn fans and cosplayers. This prop bomb comes from the game Injustice: gods among us.

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Step 1: Sorry for the Missing Part One

When I was making this prop I didn't think to make a step by step. So, I don't have anything created to get you to this point but I plan to (got to order another clock). Making another is in the plans

Step 2: Materials

PVC pipes
Masking tape
Red paint (flat, non glossy)
Black string
Screw driver

Step 3: Making the Sticks of T NT

Cut your PVC pipe into six equal pieces. Next spray them white or prime them. I didn't have any red spray paint so this part was necessary to make sure the red acrylic paints I was using didn't become transparent. BUT don't paint them red just yet

Step 4: ​Assembling the T N T

So look at the image for reference, and cut the sticks in angles to where it give the illusion that the are spiking out of everywhere. I used a scroll saw to cut through mines.

Next place them together and mark where the screws will need to go in at. Like how i did above. I used my dremel to drill the holes. The screws I used were about an 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. Yours might not need to be as long but that's what I had sitting around the house.

Once everything is screwed together, give it a couple of shakes. Might sound odd but this will tell you if they are tightly secured and will not fall apart if you chose to cosplay with it.

This is maybe the most important part. When
cutting and assembling these sticks make sure of this one thing. The clock will be able to stand on its own when the sticks are attached, I didn't do that, now mines falls over if it is not supported. To know if it will, drill two holes leading from the dynamite into the back of the clock.

Oh yeah and number them, it will help on the next step

Step 5: Making Them Look a Little More Like T N T

This part will depend on how you plan on painting them and how you want them to look.

If you are happy with their smooth look, you can skip this step and spray paint them red.


If you want them to look even more like dynamite, unscrew all of your pieces. I decided to use masking tape to wrap around them in an angle to give them a more realistic look. If you do this as well then first, place a piece of tape over the top of each piece, I'll explain why later. Now just simply wrap another piece of tape around the each stick till the are completely covered.

After all that, reassemble

The take string and stick it through the top of the dynamite sticks. To make this simple, Poke a hole and run the string all the way through and tie a knot on the end and pull it back the top.

Hope I didn't confuse anyone :-D

Step 6: Paint !!

This is the easy part.

After painting, screw the complete piece onto the back of the clock and then............

Step 7: Sit Back and Enjoy

Thanks for reading my instructable.

And like always, post a picture if you make it.

Always let me know if any parts were confusing or if more pictures are needed.

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