Harley Quinn





In this Instructable I show you how I did this Harley Quinn look.

I made this for dutch Comic Con but you can also use it for halloween or for your own Comic Con.

I also let you see how I made the outfit.

Step 1: The Hair

For the hair I used:

- A blue hair elastic

- A red hair elastic

- Blue hair spray

- Red hair spray

First I made two tails. Second I took my blue hair elastic and put it on the left tail and I used the red one for the right tail.

I sprayed the left tail blue (dip-dye) and I sprayed the right tail red (dip-dye).

And now the hair is done.

Step 2: The Make Up

Here you can see my version of Harley Quinn.

In this video you can see how I make a cartoon make-up tutorial.

The things I used are:

-Red facepaint

-Blue facepaint

-Black facepaint

-Red matt lipstick

-White facepaint



-Brown eyebrow pencil

If you only want the normal make-up and not the cartoon style you don't need to draw the black contour lines

Step 3: Harleys Shirt

For Harleys shirt all you need is:

- Red fabric paint

- Transfer paper

- Blue fabric paint

- An old shirt with long sleeves

- Scissors

- Water

First you need to dye the upside part of the shirt. Be careful how much you dye the shirt because you don't want to much to dye.

Second you need to cut the sleeves so you have half long sleeves.

You need to draw 2 red lines at the bottom of the sleeves with red fabric paint.

After that you need to dip the left sleeve in blue fabric paint mixed with water.

When all the paint is dry you have to print the font of 'Daddy's lil monster' (you can find this at google) on transfer paper and iron it on the shirt.

Your shirt is done :)

Step 4: Harleys Pants

For the pants you need:

- Red shiny fabric

- Blue shiny fabric

- Pants they fit you with the right length

First you need to copy the outlines of the original pants and draw them on the red and blue fabric. You need to do that 2 times so you have 4 parts.

Sew them all together as pants and you are done

Step 5: The Panty and the Tattoos

First you need to draw the tattoos on your legs. You can search what kind of Tattoos harley has on google or you can just buy fake tattoos and put them on.

Second you put your panty on and cut some holes in it.

And you are done

Step 6: The Total View

Here is a photo of the total look at comic con with my puddin XD



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