Harmless But Funny Computer Prank

 This prank will make it seem like your friends computer is frozen when it is not. Even if you restart it still seems frozen.This is a harmless but hilarious prank that you can do without downloading any software. 

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Step 1:

 Go to your desktop. Close ALL pages open and hold down  Ctrl and click Prt Scr
This button is in the top,right hand corner of your keyboard.

Step 2:

 Now go to "paint" and click edit>paste

Step 3:

 Make a new folder and then save the picture from "paint" into it.

Step 4:

 Go into the "New folder" and open up the picture. Then, set it as your desktop back ground.

Step 5:

 Unlock your toolbar then hide it. It might look like its still there but its not. make sure it is hidden by trying to use it. If you cant click "Start" then your good. Finally, go to the desktop, right click it, and then hide the desktop icons. 

Step 6:

 Your done! Now if you try to click on any icons or the "Start" button, it wont work. No matter how many times you restart the computer, it wont change anything. I drove my brother crazy by doing this to this laptop. Have fun!

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