Harmonica Picture Frame (1frame2pics at Other Angles)




Introduction: Harmonica Picture Frame (1frame2pics at Other Angles)

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this is a harmonica frame or how i would call it. don't know the name of these.(feel free to add).

made to fit 2 of my photos wich are visibel at 2 different angles.

Step 1: Select 2 Pictures,photos of Your Stock.

so, choose 2 pictures you like. beware about contrasts and what's on it, since not every pic will look equally great in a blocked frame like this.

also the video will help you through the process easier.

Step 2: Start the Woodwork

so, here i use old palletwood wich got trough the thicknesser ones.

i cut different square strokes from it. they need to be square so both pictures have the same fitting.

next cut all your strokes to the same lenght. be exact since you are going to glue them later.

Step 3: First Picture

so, put the amount of blocks you need for your picture firmly next to eachother and put glue on the complete top.

next put the photo on it and let it dry.

ones dry, put the pictureside to the bottom and use a sharp cutter to cut between allwoodpieces. if you do it carefully you should have a part of the picture on each block. make shure you don't mix them when you put on the seond picture :P.

Step 4: Second Picture

what can i say?

if your first picture is now on top, place all your block 90° on its side. that way you will have a new place to put your second picture. do the same as with the first, but be extra carefull when cutting, so you don't kill/cut the first picture.

Step 5: Make the Frame

so, now cut a frame for your blocks. measurements are not given since all pictures can have a different size.

use woodglue to put all blocks with the pictureparts nice on the bottomframe all block should be put on it with a 45° allignment.(i did it freehand with eyesight, but you can use hardcore measuring techniques :D).

let the first part dry, then put the rest of the frame together with woodglue.(ee pics)

Step 6: Finishing

before finishing i did ant optional step. i used a GraFF cutter woodwork disc on my anglegrinder to cut some shape into the frame. that way you can create nice effects and arts.

for finishing i used my tipical homemade iron III acetate (vinegar+ rust) to get a nice worn warm tint.

the last pictures were taken when finished. so this is the effect you get.

be sure to watch the movie to see the process ;-)

thank you, come again.





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    Love this frame & would really like to create one. Question; how can you get the angles to line up, on the accordion slats? And how do you make sure the angles are exactly the same? Thanks, in advance, for your time & efforts in responding.

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    Hi Tammy; We made these in art class in (1967) grade seven. We had to bring in a calendar with pictures that were the same size. We were to choose two for the project. We drew cutting lines on the backs of the pictures one inch apart and had a large sheet of paper or Bristol board that was twice as wide as the pictures. We measured the large sheet of paper with one inch spaces and folded it in a fan/accordion shape before pasting the strips of pictures in place. They didn't have a frame but it was fun and a very eye catching piece when done. The teacher hung them in the school hallway and the picture seemed to change when you walked by. If you had a large enough space, you could put two of them back to back and use them as a room divider.

    Hi Tammy;
     Yes, we are likely the same age. I was born in 1955.  What if you folded the paper the way we did in school and tucked a long block of wood into the valley of the folded paper? The paper to hold them together and prevent the light from coming through from the back. Maybe I am not understanding.  Let me know

    Yes, i remember making these out of accordian folded paper, in art class too, in about 1967 too. LOL We're probably the same age. But if you're making them out of wood the tops of them would not come together as folded paper does. I was trying to figure out how to angle the wooden accordian folds so they come to points. That way there's not "spaces" when you look at the photos. Thanks for responding. :-)

    hey Tammy,you could just draw the lines with a rule and some simple calculation so you know where the blocks need to be. in my case it was actually on "eyesight" :D. so yes, i first alligned them all nextto eachother so i knew how wide my frame needed to be, and then i just put them all with some glue nexto eachother. the rotation was purely done by "ok, this looks good", hahaha. if you want to do it more profesional i suggest you take a halfsquare of 45° to put every new block against so the rotation would always be exact. ;-). i believe it is called a "protractor triangle" in english. well, hope this helps. have a nice day!

    thanks for the info mate. i would have never come up with that haha. if it was a common know word i would ave used it for the title, but i doubt many people would search for that word (unless it is very common know in english history).

    now that i know it, i can finally sleep :D. friendly greetings, Jörgen

    that's a really neat idea! Looks more like an accordion than a harmonica to me though.

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    haha, yes, that was my second idea to name it,since i don't know how you should name it in english :D

    Oh yeah I remember this. I made one of those in high school. Only I used construction paper for the back. :)

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    nice, did you remember how this is named? there must be a name for this form of frame i guess, but i don't find it haha.